Serengeti Wild Life Golf Estate : Double Glazed Sliding and Cavity Doors

Serengeti Wild Life Golf Estate : Double Glazed Sliding and Cavity Doors

Standard Range Aluminium Windows

Choose AluEuro for your aluminium windows. Our windows are manufactured to the highest standard and provide smooth functionality as well as ascetic appeal. We manufacture all our windows and are therefore able to offer competitive pricing, without compromise in quality.
Window Types Available:

  • Side-hung aluminium windows
  • Top-hung aluminium windows
  • Horizontal-sliding aluminium windows
  • Arched aluminium windows
  • Butt-jointed aluminium windows
  • Turn-and-tilt aluminium windows

Benefits of Aluminium Windows:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Worry-free and effortless operation
  • Comes in various finishes including powder-coated, wood-grain, and anodised finishes.
  • Comes with various glass options including different tints, safety characteristics, thicknesses, and options for energy efficiency.
  • Custom-made for your specific requirements
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Various options in how to open and operate windows
  • Comes with various security options

Security and Safety are Paramount

On their own, aluminium windows offer security and safety. The aluminium framing of our windows combines lightness and durability, which provides you with a degree of security. Some standard features in our aluminium windows are a cam catch and finger-grip groove to provide better security and weather protection. Moreover, all our aluminium windows come with their own security features, depending on the type of window used.

The durability of aluminium windows makes them more preferable over traditional wood and plastic windows. Aluminium provides slim sight lines, great strength, and resistance to weather elements; thus, it is not likely to rot or warp. Moreover, aluminiumÂ’s hard surface resists weathering and denting.

Aluminium also has a high ratio of strength-to-weight that can be formed easily into many configurations and shapes. Thus, aluminium remains the preferred commercial and residential framing material.

We can say that our aluminium windows are more than just standard. They offer maximum functionality, aesthetic quality, durability, privacy, security, and affordability.