Supreme Sliding System

Cape Town Project
Cape Town Project

 Supreme Sliding System

The Supreme is a unique sliding system designed to give occupants the impression of outdoor living and in harmony with the elements of nature. The system’s main characteristic is that both the frame and the sash are concealed in the wall, in the floor, and in the ceiling. No aluminium frames are visible from the outside and the inside.


  • No limit to the opening’s width
  • Door’s maximum height (up to 3,20 m) depends on the glass’s resistance to wind load
  • Unique locking devices are found in the frame that secures the opening or in the interlocking profile
  • Water evacuation systems vary from simple to complex, depending on the floor construction and the profiles used
  • Twin rollers can support frames with a 300 kg maximum weight

Profile Characteristics:

Sash height 32 mm
Sash width 52 mm
Glass thickness 34 mm
Weight limit of sash mechanism up to 300 kg


EN ISO 10077-2 (Thermal Insulation) Uf = 1,0 W/m2K