Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls

For your curtain wall requirements, Alu-Euro offers tough and durable curtain wall systems that can fit all types of design requirements. There are several types of curtain wall systems, depending on the customer’s functional and design needs.

This is an atrium system best for skylights, winter gardens, greenhouses, and other similar structures. The sturdy construction has a drainage system for rainwater outflow and condensed vapor removal.

The energy-efficient curtain wall is thermal-insulated and combines sturdy construction, compliance with safety requirements, and excellent value-for-money. This curtain wall can be installed in polygonal or inclined surfaces.

Best for contemporary buildings, its energy-efficient and is ideal for low-energy buildings and for all climates. Meanwhile, it is best for large-frame fabrication and robust constructions. It has massive mullions to protect against high wind loads.

The double-skin  system is best for bio-climatic buildings. The system’s primary mullion creates an internal wall with a 10 cm clearance from the outer glazing. It can also get solar energy in winter, form extra insulation, and control it in summer.

This system is best for tall buildings and large constructions and allows the installation of window wall prefab units, particularly for buildings with minimal design. The  thermal-insulated system for structural curtain walls has stick-type hanging frames for faster and easier installation.

It  is meant for curtain walls (semi-structural) with stick-type hanging frames. Mullions support the vents and secure the frame onto the structure of the curtain wall. Perfect for high-rise buildings and it boasts of a thermally-broken curtain wall concept.

We can help you choose what kind of curtain wall system is best for your application. We also guarantee the best in safety, aesthetics, and durability in our curtain wall systems.