Roller Shutters & Garage Doors

Roller Shutters and Garage Doors

The many offerings of aluminium garage doors and roller shutters suit a wide range of designs and applications. Moreover, the next generation of energy-efficient roller shutters complies with cutting-edge technology with high-functionality efficiency and multiple innovations.

AloEuro’s garage doors and roller shutters come in various solutions (in curved or flat lines, insulating or simple, and external or top-mounted) that cover any customer’s requirements. Moreover, the roller shutters boast of anti-burglar features, airtightness, and top-notch sturdiness.

Rolling Shutters

The M13500 is perfect for installation outdoors. It is best for the refurbishment of frames, which does not take away the frame’s total height. The curved design promotes aerodynamic movement. Meanwhile, the M13700 is suitable for covering larger spans. This top-mounted shutter system boasts of anti-burglary features and high design.

The M13800 features multi-chambered and reinforced profiles for extra sturdiness. With its straight or curved lines, the M13800 is perfect for covering large openings. Meanwhile, the S13600 features high thermal insulation and a 38mm double-glass reinforced polyamide. It’s chambered profiles enable anti-burglar protection and high degrees of sturdiness.

Rolling Shutter Slats

Our rolling shutter slats boast of a wide variety of extruded slats, which are compatible with all types of shutter boxes (rolling). Featuring protection from burglars and exceptional functionality, the rolling shutter slats are perfect for large spans.

The top-grade design and aesthetics allow the rolling shutter slats to be applied on many building types. The slats are perforated and allow natural ventilation, interior lighting, and outward visibility.

Of the garage doors and roller shutters out there, we offer the best when it comes to top-notch design, durability, and maximum security.