Cape Town Project
Cape Town Project

Aluminium Doors

When you consider buying aluminium doors, the first things you consider are functionality, beauty, safety, and security. You can be sure of getting those qualities in aluminium doors when you purchase from us. We offer the best in quality hinged and sliding aluminium door systems.

Hinged Systems

Our hinged aluminium doors offer high design, safety, and insulation. They are used in buildings like condominiums and residences. They are also the preferred choice when you want to enjoy the fullness of natural ventilation. While offered in single rows, they also come with thermal breaks.

Hinged aluminium doors are characterised by unlimited typologies and applications, the right solutions for any case, and the number of accessories available.

Sliding Systems

If you want to save more on space, you would be delighted with our sliding aluminium door choices. Sliding systems are developed mainly for constructions that have space limitations as they can be installed easily in limited spaces. They come in various cost-effective solutions and contemporary designs.

Sliding doors are characterized by high functionality in a limited area and they come in various types (sliding bypass, sliding pocket, and combination bypass and sliding).

Security and Durability

Aesthetic appeal, however, comes second to security. An aluminium door would be virtually useless if it does not come with the right security features. Our aluminium doors offer the best in security and durability. Our locking system (multi-point) reassures you that your home is protected and safe from potential adverse external factors.

Our aluminium doors also offer the best in durability. The stainless steel locks and hinges offer durability and security that would last many years. As for weather protection, aluminium doors have a hardy exterior that results in outstanding weather-resisting performance. Moreover, aluminium doors are maintenance-free, virtually.

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