Non-Thermal Break

 Non-Thermal Break

The non-thermal break can support all Tilt & turn’ typologies. It also works well with the Aero when it comes to sliding frames. With a 37 mm sash width, its perimetrical sealing system has EPDM gaskets in three levels.

This profiles quality control, production process, and design are all ISO 9001-certified. The powder coating (electrostatic) process is RAL (GSB)- and QUALICOAT-certified.

Profile Characteristics:

Hardness 70 HB or 12 Webster minimum
Min-max profile thickness 1,1 to 1,4 mm
Powder coating thickness (minimum) 75 ?m minimum
Extruded alloy AlMgSi (EN AW 6060)
Profile Geometry Control Compliant with EN DIN 12020-2

Product Line Technical Characteristics:

Glazing Weight up to 130 kg a sash
Glazing Type Double or single, from 10-26 mm
Basic frame width/sash 37/44 mm
Sealing Perimetrical sealing system with EPDM gaskets (3 levels)


  • Main entrances
  • One- or two-sash windows (with or without shutters) and doors
  • Profiles for special applications like angular constructions
  • Compatibility with  Aero for sliding frames