With its sleek lines, its a comprehensive system for skylights, conservatories, greenhouses, atrium’s, winter gardens, shopping malls, commercial arcades, canopies and other similar spaces.

This is the perfect skylight system for commercial, residential, and other public structures. Some of the characteristics include:

  • Works well with the curtain wall system to come up with complex spaces
  • Mullion width (horizontal or vertical) is 55 mm
  • Drainage system is designed for rainwater outflow and condensed vapor removal
  • Comes with unique mullions for interior drainage
  • Can accommodate ventilation windows that have electric mechanism
  • Comes with various profiles to support many kinds of structures and without static issues
  • The sturdy construction is made for all types of geometry (domes, pyramids, or circular surfaces) without the need for worrying about static problems
  • Has a category thermal insulation of Gruppe 2.1 This is in accordance to DIN52619-3 UR = 2.3 W/m2K

Profile Characteristics:

Glass thickness Maximum of 50 mm
Column width 55 mm