Elegant Glass and Aluminium Skylights

There is always a touch of class when you use aluminium-and-glass skylights for your house or commercial or business establishment. For such need, we offer you skylights to make your home or business well-lit. Our M10800 is a complete system for skylights, greenhouses, atriums, and winter gardens, among other rooms that require a skylight.

What is a skylight?

A skylight is a horizontal window installed on a ceiling to bring in sky views and light. A skylight is an excellent way to add natural light to space while ensuring privacy and protecting against the harsh weather elements. A skylight is also a great addition to rooms that have no walls that face the building’s exterior.

Skylight Features

Our skylight system has a column width of 55mm and a glass thickness of up to 50mm. For proper structural support, the mullion’s horizontal and vertical width is 55mm. For more complicated structural styles, the system works well with the M6 curtain wall system. Our system also has a drainage designed to remove condensed vapour and the outflow of rainwater. Even the interior mullions have their own drainage systems.

Our skylight systems also can integrate ventilation windows with electronic mechanisms. The sturdy construction of our skylights can adapt to any geometric shape (domical, circular, and pyramidal spaces) without any issues. We also offer various profiles to support structures with no static problems.

Choose Us

Our skylight offerings are guaranteed to last long. The aluminium used in our mullions is rustproof, durable, can hold glass well, and can be powder-coated or anodised to provide various finishes and colours. We also offer a warranty for our products. Plus, the glass that we use is specialised so that your skylight would be relatively maintenance-free.

Our skylights are affordable, maximum security, and maximum protection from the external elements like the weather. We can also help you in designing your skylight.