The top-mounted  is the next generation of energy-efficient rolling shutters. It is insulated, simple to operate, and is easily installed onto the sash. The aluminium product boasts of top-notch aesthetics and excellent functionality, both of which work together to save energy and protect the building from burglars and other adverse elements.

This has reinforced chamber profiles that promote static and torsional rigidity, which is the primary requirement for operation and box installation. The reinforced profiles are also ideal for large openings. The rolling shutter system, which achieves noise reduction and high thermo-insulation rates, has minimal straight lines and is integrated with updated automation technologies.

Its cutting-edge design includes an extra set of construction details, which ensure smooth and noiseless operation while working to minimize vibrations and metallic noise. The thermal break version is composed of the frame and a unified thermal zone.

Dimensions of this profile are choices of 145 x 191 mm, 185 N x 191 mm, or 220 x 220 mm. The aluminium rolling shutters also come in two variants: round and flat.


  • Reinforced and multi-chambered profiles for enhanced sturdiness
  • Smooth operation with emphasis on metal noise and vibration minimization
  • Ideal for covering large openings
  • Both in straight and curved lines
  • Insulating version with Usb ~ 2 W/m 2K
  • In 3 key dimensions (14.5 x 19, 18.5 x 19, 22 x 22 cm)