Non-Thermal Break System

 Non-Thermal Break System

For patio and entrance doors and windows,this non-thermal break system, includes various solutions to ensure the following features:

  • Design variety (classic, inclined, flat, soft line)
  • Tilt & turn patio doors and windows (outwards & inwards)
  • Swing doors
  • Smoke-proof doors
  • Anti-panic doors
  • Vertical or horizontal pivot patio doors and window

Profile Characteristics:

Sash depth 84 mm
Frame depth 50 mm
T-profile minimum visible width 70 mm
Visible face width (minimum) 137 mm
Glass thickness 24 to 40 mm
Weight limit (sash mechanism) 130 kg
Thickness (cross section) 1,6 to 2,5

System Characteristics:

System type Uninsulated
Thermal insulation type 34 mm poly amide
Glazing method Glazing bead
Exterior aesthetics Classic, Inclined, Curved, Flat
Uf 7 W/m2k
Mechanism 16 mm European Groove, PVCGroove Steel


  • Fixed
  • Entrance door (double and single leaf), outwards and inwards
  • Double and single, tilt and turn window
  • Hinged shutter (double, single, quadruple, and triple leaf)