Quality European Shopfronts

The first impression a customer has of your business premises is undoubtedly the shop front, which is why shop fronts constructed using high-quality aluminium and glass will always provide a definitive advantage. Not only does this drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store, but also provides a lightweight, flexible, strong and durable approach, opening many design options. Furthermore, Aluminium Shop fronts are very low maintenance and do not rust or warp. With AluEuro’s high-quality aluminium shopfront, you do not only enjoy the advantages of aluminium but much more.

Shopfront Types and Advantages

Two of the most commonly used shopfront types include aluminium and toughened glass shopfronts. Aluminium shop fronts are specifically designed to meet commercial ground floor treatment’s requirements. As a material, aluminium is excellent for windows, doors, and shopfronts as it is durable yet lightweight. Moreover, aluminium is corrosion-resistant, lasts long, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Aluminium can also be moulded easily into your design choice with accuracy. Because of its flexibility, the aluminium-and-glass combination is still the best shopfront type. Aluminium is also environment-friendly as it can be recycled easily.

Frameless or toughened glass shopfronts are increasing in popularity. They also allow your shop to have a contemporary and modern image. The doors on toughened glass shopfronts can be installed with patch fittings and/or rails in various finishes (anodised, brass, powder coated, and polished/satin stainless steel) with matching decorative door handles.

Toughened glass’s special treatment ensures reliability and strength. This means a secure shopfront can be installed even without aluminium within the shopfront’s main area. Toughened glass, with its comfortable looks, is also great for internal partitions. It is also applicable for any business or commercial establishment where maximum exposure and image is everything.

The Right Shopfront

The shopfront is a reflection of your business and you cannot skimp on quality. Our shopfronts are affordable, of high-quality construction, and come with a wide variety of designs to fit your business. The right shopfront with the right style and material can enhance your shop’s look.

If you want the best shop front for your business, call us. If you are unsure of what shopfront to use, we can help you decide what is best for your display. Our shopfronts are reasonably priced, secure, and help beautify your display.


  • A good range of handles and locking options are available.
  • Anodised or powder-coated aluminium for the perfect finish.
  • Choose from a large range of powder coated colours.
  • Security and safety feature including laminated safety glass or toughened glass.
  • High security features such a bulletproof options also available.
  • A range of colours and tints are available.
  • Choose from Standard Design options, or a bespoke design to fit your unique needs.
  • Standard options for retail stores, supermarkets, showrooms and restaurants.