Tilt-and-Turn System



 Tilt-and-Turn System

The anti-ballistic tilt-and-turn (opening system) features noise reduction and level FB6 anti ballistic protection and is best for tilt-and-turn applications in windows. The profiles’ robustness enables it to carry weight of up to 300 kg for every sash.

The 50 mm glass thickness comes with heavy-duty hinges, glazing beads (with special security), and sealing with 3-level gaskets.

Without extra reinforcement, the level FB4 anti-ballistic protection can shield against firepower from the Remington 0,45 ” and Magnum 0,357 ”. With steel reinforcement, the system offers FB6 protection that can withstand firepower from Kalashnikov 7.62 x 51 mm 5.56 x 45 mm.

Profile Characteristics:

Sash depth 103 mm
Frame depth 90,9 mm
T-profile minimum visible width 118,4 mm
Visible face width (minimum) 152,3 mm
Glass thickness 50 mm
Weight limit (sash mechanism) 300 Kg
Cross section thickness 3 to 14,4 mm

System Characteristics:

System type Uninsulated
Exterior aesthetics Flat
Uf 7 W/m 2K
Mechanism European Groove
Glazing method Glazing Bead