Shower Doors

SandBlasting Double Glazed Sliding Shower Door
Sand Blasting Double Glazed Sliding Shower Door
SandBlasting Double Glazed Sliding Shower Door
Sand Blasting Double Glazed Sliding Shower Door


Aluminium and Glass Shower Doors

Your shower doors can make a statement to your bathroom and choosing the right aluminium shower door can make or break your bathroom’s look. With our aluminium shower doors, you can be guaranteed of a sleek design that would totally complement your bathroom interiors.

We offer various shower door designs for you to choose from. You can even customise your own shower door and have us install it for you. Whatever your design decision, you can be assured that we do your shower doors right for you. We also offer you various hardware specifically for shower doors like clips, hinges, robe hooks, handles, towel bars, and knobs.

Semi-Frameless or Framed

For a sleek look to your bathroom that would not take away the beauty of the tiles, we offer framed or semi-framed shower doors. These glass doors and enclosures come in thicknesses of ½” or 3/8” glass profiles. These glass doors are held up by hardware or are supported by anodised aluminium or solid brass frames.


Frameless enclosures come with a distinctive rounded header design made of high-polish and heavy-gauge gold and chrome anodised aluminium or brushed nickel. To match our colours to your bathroom’s theme, you can choose from over 15 finishes. Ease of installation and streamlined profiles make frameless shower doors and enclosures even more popular.


Your shower doors and enclosures need special glass and the ordinary kind would simply not do. Protecting your glass is even more paramount especially in a damp environment like a bathroom. Glass is prone to ageing and damage from soap, hard water, and humidity, among other factors.

We have a special type of glass that is protected during the manufacturing process with an ion beam process that is patented. Such technology seals the surface of the glass. With this type of glass, your aluminium-framed shower doors and enclosures remain beautiful with just minimal cleaning.

Why Us?

Our shower doors and enclosures are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, not to mention durable. With our products, we can help you achieve that beautiful look in your bathroom.