Bullet Proof Systems


Bulletproof Aluminium and Glass Systems

Security and safety are always paramount. That is why we are offering antiballistic products like bulletproof aluminium and glass doors and windows to ensure the safety and security of a building’s occupants. Our M9760 and M30600 systems provide maximum security as well as beautiful walls and windows that make the building stand out in the aesthetics department.

Heavy-Duty Antiballistic and Noise Reduction Systems

Our M30600 system is a tilt-and-turn system that offers noise reduction and maximum antiballistic protection. The system’s robustness allows the system to hold weight for up to 300 kilograms in every sash.

The system uses glass with a thickness of up to 50mm, wherein the glass has unique security glazing beads. The system is also sealed with Level 3 AluSeal gaskets. With 6mm reinforcement made of steel blades, antiballistic protection is guaranteed.

Moderate Antiballistic Protection

Our M9760 system is a thermal break system tilt-and-turn or fixed windows. The system can also be used for thermal doors. The interconnection of the profiles was intended for the system to carry heavy-duty windows and patio doors. This system is more appropriate for residential settings. The weight of the door can hold up to 150kg and the window sash can hold up to 130kg.

This system also boasts of an outer shield made of solid aluminium and very thick profiles. This system also uses a unique security glazing bead and heavy-duty hinges. The system also offers an FB4 level antiballistic protection that can hold off bullets from the Remington 0,45” or Magnum 0,357”.


The M9760 system can be used in fixed light, double- and single-leaf entrance door, and double and single turn & tilt window types. Likewise, the M30600 system can be used in fixed, tilt and turn, and one-leaf entrance door typologies.

You should never skimp on security. While our antiballistic protection doors and windows donÂ’t come cheap, the prices we offer are competitive. Moreover, the price for our products is just right especially if you are getting reliable, secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing bulletproof systems.