Quality European Aluminium Louver’s

If you want to be protected from the glaring sun or other elements of nature but still want to take advantage of natural ventilation, our  aluminium louver shading system is your best bet. Our adjustable or fixed slope louvers come with aesthetic multiform and constructive characteristics that control natural lighting and shading.

This is done with elliptical blinds that can be fitted either vertically or horizontally, with the possibility or being stationary or in motion. Our aluminium louvers come in various widths and solutions. Moreover, our aluminium Louvre system offers specific profiles to be used in the ventilation openings of warehouses, garages, engine rooms, and even office spaces or reception areas.

Our aluminium louvers generally come in widths of 100-300 mm for unified louvers and 320-800 mm for composite louvers.

Advantages of Aluminium Louvre’s

In a nutshell, aluminium louvers are an aesthetic solution to stop the sun’s rays from filtering through the building’s windows. With the louvers, the flow of ventilation will not be impeded and the light can be adjusted to suit one’s taste. Aluminium louvers make your building’s exterior attractive. They can also be used solely for privacy or for aesthetic purposes.

Installation of Louvers

The louvers are fitted to a substructure (aluminium) that is mounted to a building’s surface. They can also be attached to structural members that are located above the building. Stringers also are a secure attachment for the blades as they can be hand-replaced if damaged. You can choose from various stringers, depending on the requirement and application of every installation.

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium is easy to maintain and is relatively affordable. Thus, we guarantee that our louver products are durable, secure, easy to install, and – best of all – affordable for you. Aluminium louvers are also rust-resistant. This means that the louvers are less likely to rust in industrial applications over time.

We offer aluminium louvers to fit your requirements. Call us and we can suggest the right kind of louvers for you to use.