The sleek Louvre is an aluminium shading system for adjustable or fixed slope louvers with aesthetic multiform or constructive characteristics that control natural lighting and shading. Its effect is a result of elliptical binds that can be fitted either vertically or horizontally. It can also be fitted with the possibility of being in motion or being stationary.

A wide variety of different louvers and widths are offered. Various solutions are on hand because it works well with many kinds of kinds of curtain walls. Moreover, it offers a variety of specific profiles to be used in ventilation openings for warehouses, garages, engine rooms, or any other industrial or work space.

Composite louvers’ widths are available from 100 mm to 800 mm. It can be used in commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Unified louvers have widths of 100 to 300 mm
  • Composite louvers have widths of 320 to 800 mm